V Yasko Vom Billberg IGP2

    • Yasko is a gorgeous V rated long coat stud imported from Germany. He has a solid black mask a beautiful long coat. Yasko has his IGP2 and SV Normal/Normal hips & elbows. He is DM clear as well. Yasko is a VA Zitan Vom Repitition son and a VA Willy Kuckucksland grandson.
  • Breed Report

Medium-sized, medium-strong, very well pigmented male, correct body proportions, dry and firm. Well-formed head with dark mask, dark eyes and firm ears. Well formed withers, straight back, pronounced sloping croup of good length. Good angulation of the fore and very good angulation of the hindquarters. Balanced breasts, straight front. Straight at the front, almost straight at the back, it shows powerful gaits with effective supplies and almost free passage. TSB pronounced.



Available for stud to approved females! 




Name: V Yasko Vom Billberg IGP2
Reg No. 1:
Reg. No. 2:
Date of Birth: 06/03/2018
Coat Type: long
Color: Black & red
Titles: IGP2
Show Rating: V
Hips (HD): SV Normal
Elbows (ED): SV Normal
DM: clear
Height/ Withers:
Width/ Breast: