We are providing this information in an effort to make sure that your bitch gets pregnant. We want you to have puppies almost as much as you want them. The key to a large healthy litter is breeding at the right time via serum progesterone testing (not the “target” tests).

Paperwork: Fax or send, PRIOR TO BREEDING:

Copy of registration certificate & pedigree
Copy of hip certification/preliminary screening by veterinarian.
Copies of all lab tests required, provided by your veterinarian.
Scan and Email KappelGSD@Gmail.com
You must call (817-980-9417) on the first day of your females season


First day of Season (or as soon as possible) Cervical Culture with Microplasma& Sensitivity. This sample must be obtained using a guarded culture swab such as the Tieglan swab, and from the cervical area, not lower vaginal area. It takes 4 to 7 days to get final results. NO bitch will be bred naturally without a C & S, and results must be negative. No bitch with highly resistant or pathogenic bacteria (like Pseudomonas) will be bred naturally (even if she is on the appropriate antibiotics. She will be artificially inseminated or surgically inseminated at her owner’s expense.

“Mycoplasma is responsible for kennel wide sterility is some instances. In other examples, a bitch may whelp a litter even though she has Mycoplasma in residence. In fact, it is a ‘normal inhabitant’ in the reproductive tract. However, normal does not mean desirable, and if the culture comes back with a moderate or heavy growth report, we treat for it to reduce the level of organisms. There is controversy about just how important a pathogen it is, but years of clinical experience and sterility in dogs that have been infected suggest that it is not prudent to neglect this organism. Mycoplasma cultures are processed differently than the standard aerobic cultures and take a bit longer to grow. We prefer to obtain cultures about a month before the bitch is expected in heat, which gives us time to get all of the necessary information, and to give antibiotics if necessary without having to worry about getting it done before the time for breeding.”

Also get a Canine Brucellosis. Some screenings are positive due to cross reactivity and must have more extensive testing, usually from Cornell. THIS TAKES TIME. NO bitch will be bred without a negative Brucella.

Progesterone timing is required for all bitches bred. It ensures that the bitch is having a normal heat cycle and has ovulated. A progesterone series tells us precisely when to inseminate her. We strongly recommend that you do the majority of the timing tests at your veterinarian, to ensure that you are shipping or driving in with a fertile bitch. However, we can arrange timing at Campbell Village Veterinary Clinic. An account can be set up for you and linked to your credit card for direct payment to the clinic.

Progesterone Timing Chart—Start testing about day 5 to 7 of season.

Below 1.0 ng/ml–no ovarian activity—test every 3 or 4 days
1.0 to 2.0 ng/ml—rise indicates active ovary—test in 2 to 3 days
2.0 to 4.9 ng/ml—active ovary-test every 24 hours until you determine
5.0 ng/ml Ovulation
5 to 6 ng/ml—breed in 2 to 3 days
6 to 11 ng/ml—breed in 1 to 2 days
11 to 19 ng/ml – breed today
Over 19—breed immediately if vaginal smear is OK and bitch is still receptive (is considered LATE-hope for the best)

Progesterone timing in areas where results take days to return are not feasible. Results must be returned within 24 hours (except Sundays) to time the breeding. The Idexx Veterinary Reference Labs give excellent service using The Idexx Direct Courier Service via FedEx no matter where you are located. Results are faxed and can be accessed online. Have your vet call 1-800 -551-0998 Ext 8327 for info. You can also use this service for the cultures.

Fresh-chilled/frozen semen is an option. The progesterone timing is critical for successful use of fresh chilled (or frozen) semen. Brucellosis, Culture with Mycoplasma and sensitivity is not required for Chilled Semen. Call for information.

Fees paid for German Shepherd Stud Dogs Services is not a guarantee of puppies it is for the use of the stud. Our German Shepherd stud dogs are collected often & confirmation of their sperm viability is available. If your female fails to conceive one return service is allowed. Another female may be substituted if notification and pedigree is submitted before the season to be bred. There are no refunds for stud service, chilled semen or frozen semen.