VD Buba Samova Risa SVV1

Buba is an exceptional working line female, imported from Slovakia. She has SV hips & elbows (Normal/Normal) and FCI hips and elbows (A/0). She has also been tested for DM and she is clear (N/N). Buba is a very confident female with a medium/high drive. Buba has her SVV1 title that she obtained prior to coming to the US.



Name: Buba Samova Risa
Reg No. 1: AKC DN74903901
Reg. No. 2: SUCHNO 82297/20
Date of Birth: 09/15/2020
Coat Type: stock
Color: sable
Titles: SVV1
Show Rating: VD
Hips (HD): SV-A/FCI-A
Elbows (ED): SV-A/FCI-0
DM: clear
Height/ Withers:
Width/ Breast: