SG Xalibur von Arlett

Over medium size, Powerful male with very good Bones and Strong Head. Very good expression, dark eyes, correct ears. High Withers, harmonious Top & Underline. Good Angulation front and rear, correct front lines, correct coming and going with firm Hocks. Powerful Movement with good Front reach and Hind trust. Croup is in a very good position, should be slightly longer. Xalibur is very good in Character, Protective, very good Bite work. Recommended to improve Health, Strength of Bones, Temperament and Working Ability.



Name: Xalibur von Arlett
Reg No. 1:
Reg. No. 2:
Date of Birth:
Coat Type: stock
Color: black & red
Show Rating: SG
Hips (HD): SV Normal
Elbows (ED): SV normal
Height/ Withers:
Width/ Breast: